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Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m a software developer living in New York. I’m passionate about technology and enjoy reading about software development, business and startup companies. Here are some of the interesting things I’ve done in the past:

  • Lead a team of 10 engineers as an engineering manager. We launched a social recommendations product on Facebook!
  • Moved to New York, working on Facebook for iOS
  • Moved to San Francisco to join Facebook, worked on people tagging, video, direct messaging, and stories features of Instagram for Android
  • Moved to London to join a startup, Lightbox, as an early employee. Lightbox got acquired by Facebook!
  • Co-founder of GrupGuru, a personalized daily deal aggregator in Turkey
  • Worked at Turkcell Technology, developed Turkcell’s “Online Islemler” application for Android based phones
  • Interned at Adobe as a software engineer, was part of Adobe Illustrator team in Silicon Valley
  • Received a Fulbright scholarship and completed a M.S. degree in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology with specializations in machine learning and software engineering
  • Contributed to an open-source project called OpenMRS which was funded by Google’s Summer of Code program
  • Featured on Turkish newspapers and magazines such as Hürriyet, Vatan and Aktuel; had a live TV appearance on KanalTurk
  • Launched counter-strike.gen.tr and csmerkezi.com websites in 1999, a daily updated Turkish blog about Counter-Strike

Mobile application development (iOS & Android) and leading engineering teams are among my current professional interest.


September 25, 2008

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Sarp is a software developer. He writes about technology, books and software.
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