Venture Deals

I was hesitant to buy Brad Feld’s new book on venture capital after being disappointed by “Do More Faster“. However, this book has proven to be very informative and valuable read.¬†As an early employee in a venture funded startup, my motivation in reading this book was to get more familiar with terms and technical details of a funding round.

Venture deals, as the name suggests, is all about raising venture capital, and explains a term sheet in great detail, and provide guidance on which terms to focus on. It reads like a school textbook from time to time.

By reading this book you’ll learn about the difference between pre-money/post-money valuation, how option pool affects founders’ shares, importance of liquidation preference, provisions like pay-to-play and vesting, and concepts like capitalization table. You’ll also get to know about how venture capital funds work, the organizational structure of a VC company, management fees, commitment period etc.

If you’re a first time entrepreneur planning to raise venture capital, or an employee at a venture funded early stage company, this book can be very informative and useful.

September 15, 2011

sarp centel

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