When is a book on perfect timing. It has interesting stories filled with practical advice after each chapter. Here are some tips involving caffeine:

  • Don’t drink coffee immediately after you wake up: The moment we awaken, our bodies begin producing cortisol. Caffeine interferes with the production of cortisol. Drink your first cup of coffee an hour or ninety minutes after waking up, once our cortisol production has peaked.
  • Nappucino: The most efficient nap is the nappucino. Caffeine won’t engage in your bloodstream for about twenty-five minutes, so drink up right before you lie down for you nap. When you wake up, caffeine will begin to kick in.

This book has a good mix of interesting research and actionable advice, highly recommended if you’re interested in self-improvement.

March 6, 2021

sarp centel

Sarp is a software developer. He writes about technology, books and software.
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