Creative Selection

Creative Selection is a book about the product development process and demo culture at Apple. The author shares personal stories about problems he worked on at Apple, such as building Safari browser, supporting HTML editing in email, and developing the iPhone keyboard. It’s an interesting read if you’re curious about Apple’s history or product development process, especially around prototyping and demos. The author summarizes Apple’s product development culture as:

“A small group of passionate, talented, imaginative, ingenious, ever-curious people built a work culture based on applying inspiration and collaboration with diligence, craft, deciseveness, taste and empathy, and through a lengthy progression of demo-feedback sessions, repeatedly tuned and optimize heuristics and algorithms, persisted through doubts and setbacks, selected the most promising bits of progress at every step, all with the goal of creating the best product possible.”

April 25, 2021

sarp centel

Sarp is a software developer. He writes about technology, books and software.
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