Clarity & Connection

Clarity & Connection is a collection of poems about turning inwards, self love and growth. Yung Pueblo is the author’s nickname and he has a large following on social media. Here are some parts that resonated with me:

  • next time you feel agitated / because you are falling back into past patterns, / remember that simply being aware / that you are repeating the past / is a sign of progress
  • self-awareness is noticing / the rhythm of your thoughts / feeling when they are clear / and when they are out of sync / knowing when to take them seriously / and when to let them go / not every thought is valuable / most are just the sounds of / impulsive emotional reactions
  • maturity / is knowing that / when your mood is down / you should not trust / the way you see yourself
  • real maturity is observing your own / inner turbulence and pausing before / you project how you feel onto / what is happening around you
  • before you can see / someone else clearly / you must first be aware / that your mind will impulsively / filter what it sees through the lens / of your past conditioning and / present emotional state
  • sometimes a person end a good relationship / because the areas they think are bad are being / intensified by their personal issues that they / have not dealt with properly. sometimes / people break apart a home because they / are unaware of their projections and are / not ready to appreciate a good thing.
  • heal yourself / not just so you can thrive / but to ensure that people / who cross your path in the future / are safer from harm
  • ask yourself / is this how i actually feel, or / is this my emotional history / trying to recreate the past?
  • time does not heal all the wounds; it just gives / them space to sink into the subconscious / where they will continue to impact your emotions / and behavior. what heals is going inward / loving yourself, accepting yourself, listening / to your needs, addressing your attachments / and emotional history. learning how to let go, / and following your intuition.
  • have you noticed that when / you feel the urge to change / someone, what you really want is / for them to behave more like you?
  • when desire combines with tension, it morphs into craving. attachment is when you start craving things to be a certain way …. craving itself gives birth to attachment… craving occurs when wanting deepens and becomes filled with tension or stress.
  • being okay with not being okay / does not make things / automatically better / but it does stop you / from adding more tension / to an already difficult situation / being okay with not being okay / helps you let go
  • it is not about managing your / emotions; it is about managing / your reactions to your emotions
  • know your sources of rejuvenation / the amount of solitude you need to feel fresh again / the activities that strengthen your creativity / the people who light up your spirit
  • in relationships, it is important to understand that the other person cannot fix your emotional problems.
  • throw away the idea that your partner can make you happy. they can be great support, treat you well, and bring so many good things into your life, but happiness is only sustainable when it comes from within.
  • it is not about expecting your partner / to make you happy; it is about clearly / communicating the best ways they / can support you as you travel inward / to ignite your own happiness
  • heartbreak shows you that your self-worth and wholeness should not depend on another’s word or love.
  • love is rejuvenated / when partners / occasionally ask each other / how can I better / support your happiness?
  • when an argument starts / your goal should be to arrive /at a mutual understanding
  • trust blossoms in the absence of control
  • find a partner you do not have to perform for
  • a lot of advice comes from fear
  • we feel so safe with the ones we love / that we often share with them / our tensions, our stress, our fear / our sadness / and even our anger / but let us remember to also / give them the best version of ourselves / our joy and happiness, our excitement / and peace, our attention and care
  • getting unsolicited advice is one of the best tests / and a great time to check in with your self / are they saying this for my benefit or their own?
June 25, 2022

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